Shooting Jackets & Coats

At Alan Paine we have everything you need to find the perfect mens shooting jacket . Whether you are looking for waterproof, breathable, lightweight, durable or a combination of these requirements we have a wide range of mens shooting jackets in various sizes.
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Men’s Shooting & Hunting Coats

Our men’s shooting coat & jacket range is carefully selected to provide freedom of movement and comfort in the field whilst remaining stylish and practical. We have a wide range of traditional tweed shooting coats to choose from, from our best-selling Combrook tweed shooting coat to our most durable Rutland tweed shooting coat, we have one to suit every gentleman.

What Makes A Good Shooting Coat?

A good shooting coat will be one of the best investments you make and, with the new shooting season on the horizon, we’ve compiled a handy list of features and benefits for you to consider when selecting your shooting coat.

It’s important to ask yourself what you want your coat to do for you.  Will you be beating or stalking, rough shooting, will you be spending time on the peg or are you looking for a flexible allrounder which won’t look out of place in the field or at the rugby ground?

Waterproof Shooting Coats

Due to the unpredictability of the weather a waterproof and breathable shooting coat is an absolute must; one which will keep you warm and dry on the wettest and coldest of days.  If you fancy splurging on a lighter weight shooting coat for warmer shoots then a waterproof option is still advisable.

There’s a wealth of fabrics on offer, from pure wool and wool blend tweeds (the original performance fabric) to lighter weight tweed effect technical fabrics, silicone infused cotton and durable cotton blends.

Looking for waterproof shooting coats? Both our Dunswell & Berwick men’s shooting coats are 100% waterproof made with breathable membranes.


Find the perfect fitting shooting coat

Whether the coat is a specific shooting fit or classic fit make sure it is roomy enough to allow freedom of movement of the upper body and arms.  This will also enable you to wear additional layers underneath if the weather demands, such as a zip-in fleece.  At Alan Paine we offer a classic and contemporary fit in our Combrook tweed shooting coat.

All our men’s shooting coats come within two fits:

1. Shooting Fit - Building into garment 10" to 11" from actual chest size allowing movement & layering.

2. Classic Fit - Building into garment 5" to 6" from actual chest size allowing layering.


For example, if you were a 42" chest and bought a size 42" Combrook Men's Tweed Coat (Classic Fit), the actual garment chest would measure 47" to accommodate layering. You will find the type of garment fit at the end of the product name.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns with regards to any of the shooting coats that you see for sale, whether it is regard to material, size or fit - we'll be more than happy to help.

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