Getting Ready For The Glorious Twelfth

What To Wear For The Glourious Twelth

For over 160 years a sense of excitement and anticipation has surrounded The Glorious Twelfth. However the weather may not always be glorious, so you need to ensure you are appropriately dressed to enjoy the thrill of the shoot whatever the weather conditions.

Need For Tweed

Men's Shooting Clothing
Our Best-Selling Combrook Collection For Men

Grouse shooters tend to favour dark colours to avoid being easily spotted by the birds. Alan Paine’s pure wool Combrook men’s tweed range includes rich woodland and peat colour options in earthy browns with contemporary overchecks together with classic sage; perfect for blending in with the surroundings. Our perennially popular Combrook coat and field coat feature a water repellent outer and a breathable waterproof membrane to keep you warm and dry in the field.

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Perfect tweeds for that formal shoot

Woodland Tweed Colourway
Woodland Tweed Colourway

For those who prefer a rich coloured tweed woodland certainly fits the bill. Warm oak brown combined with a dark brown and soft orange over-check creates an appealing tweed colourway.

Peat Tweed Colourway
Peat Tweed Colourway

With its marled earthy brown base and pale gold and cherry red over-check this tweed is a modern twist on a classic.

Sage Tweed Colourway
Sage Tweed Colourway

Reflecting the flowing green hues of the English countryside and with a cherry red over-check, sage is a popular traditional coloured tweed.

Lagoon Tweed Colourway
Lagoon Tweed Colourway

The classic marled country green background of this pure wool tweed is complemented by an eye-catching blue over-check for a more contemporary coloured tweed.

Ladies Shooting Clothing

Men's Shooting Clothing
Ladies Combrook Collection

Our ladies Combrook tweed range includes new colours heather and gorse. Engineered with a water repellent outer, our robust Combrook coat is equipped with a waterproof and breathable membrane to keep you comfortable in the most testing of weather conditions. Alternatively, if you prefer a more contemporary waterproof coat, then why not try our Combrook ladies field jacket

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Combrook Ladies Shooting Clothing In Juniper
Juniper Tweed Colourway

Echoing the soft green hues of a country landscape, colourway juniper features a striking magenta and cobalt blue over-check.

Combrook Ladies Shooting Clothing In Gorse
Gorse Tweed Colourway

Combining a marled caramel-coloured background with contrasting over-check in scarlet, cobalt blue, navy and nut brown creates a truly desirable tweed designed to suit every skin tone.

Wonderful Waterproofs

Waterproof Shooting Clothing
Waterproof Shooting Clothing

Even in August the chance of a sudden downfall is highly likely. An alternative to tweed is Alan Paine’s Berwick waterproofs range. Crafted from a durable cotton blend, the Berwick men’s and ladies’ coats come with all the useful features you’d expect from a shooting coat. For a cooler option there’s the men’s shooting waistcoat and lightweight waterproof breeks for men and ladies.

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