Three Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club members became #Field Fashionistas and road tested some of our ladies products. Alice Wootton is our first Alan Paine #FieldFashionista. Read on to see how she got on with her brand new Alan Paine Kit!

Waking up bright and early, I peer out of the window, half hoping to be greeted by sun. Although Lancashire weather often has other ideas and this day was no different. The sky was lit in various shades of grey and bleak! Not quite bikini weather.

So tossing the sunglasses & shorts to the side I go with plan B, my trusty Alan Paine Cambridge Breeks. Having helped me through many a blustery day before I can rely on them time and time again to keep me a happy beater!

After a quick pit stop at a greasy spoon to fill our bellies and meet the rest of the shoot party, we dash off to the first drive.

With the rain still bearing down on us we grab the dogs, my faithful yet useless lurcher, Jasper, and Marc's plucky little cocker, Meg.

I chuck on my Alan Paine Berwick coat for the first time, feeling slightly apprehensive at how lightweight it felt, but putting my trust in it all the same. Narrowly missing the perils of a deceptively deep puddle I wrestle my wellies on, ready to get stuck in!

The first drive of the day takes us into the woods, and after the team of dogs (minus my aquaphobic wimp) chase the a group of mocking mallard around the pond for 10 minutes, with no sign of them fancying their chances with a flight. But, we don't loose hope & moving down towards pheasant territory proves more fruitful, sending some lovely birds heading out towards the guns. The calls of ‘over’ echoing amidst the sound of shot is like music to my ears!

We scramble out of the end of the woods slightly more bedraggled than at the beginning, yet pleased with the birds that we managed to send up and out. Onwards we go into the progressively dreary weather, and i become increasingly greatful for the protection of my jacket, which is doing a fantastic job at keeping me dry and warm even with the wind and rain battering us!

The next few drives run successfully, with little Meg making some lovely retrieves of birds larger than her, which is always a fantastic sight! Then before we know it, it's time to stop for coffee & cake. My home made lemon drizzle & ginger bakes doing the rounds, much to the delight of the chaps, who made quick work of them, returning only with crumbs & smiles!

One more drive to go, and it takes us into the middle of a not at all unnerving herd of cattle, so hip flask in hand, I pull my big girl pants up, and bravely make my way towards the fearsome creatures, absolutely and definitely not hiding behind Marc, okay, maybe a little bit....

Once the beasts are combatted, and a stray cock bird who took a trip into a lovely gully has been found, we head back to the vehicles. We say our so longs, and head up to our chosen flight pond for the dusk flight, myself with a 12 bore Mirouku, and Marc with his beautiful 12 bore Huglu SbS Hammer Gun. With a few mallard circling above, we wait patiently for them to get closer, Marc calling them in occasionally. As dusk draws closer we both manage to get a couple of the beautiful birds, giving Meg something to do whilst Jasper sits with the most incredible ‘dogs trust’ look to show his indignation at the rain.

Typically, the rain eases off as we wander back to the truck, ducks in tow & guns nestled safely in their slips. Much to my delight, my wonderful Berwick coat has ensured there is no need for the ever risky side of road shedding of wet shirt, and has kept me pleasantly bone dry though the whole day of horizontal sky water and enough wind to take me to oz!


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Published at: 11-01-2018